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Bonus Episode - Managing Changes in Uncertain Times

March 3, 2021

This week we have a special bonus episode for you. We are sharing a presentation that Melanie originally did in June 2020 called "Where are we now? Managing Changes in Uncertain Times". 

In this episode, Melanie Johnson will discuss how trauma can impact the classroom or workplace (in person or online).  She will share some techniques for managing uncertainty and mitigating its potential impact on all of our lives - as educators, professionals and individuals.

Full video:

Check back with us next week for an all new episode of Talk to Us @BounceEnglish.


Produced by Melanie Johnson and Amy Swanson for BounceEnglish

Edited by Amy Swanson

Theme Song “Let’s Keep in Touched” by John Swanson (Amy’s big brother!)


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