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Funky Old Medina with Beth Butterfield

March 18, 2021

Recording date: December 23, 2020

Guest: Beth Butterfield, Rabat

Synopsis: In this episode, we get a chance to catch up with long time friend, Beth Butterfield. Beth discusses her road to teaching English as a Second Language and how it took her to beautiful Morocco, where she currently lives and teaches. We discuss the good and bad in American Charter Schools and whether hybrid learning model (where students spend part of the week in person lessons and part of the week in online lessons) or offering separate programs for in person or virtual learning best serves students. Beth shares her thoughts on living in Rabat, the capital of Morocco and its wonderful culture (we can’t wait to visit!) And, we get to hear a new use for the word “Cohorts”. Check it out!


Produced by Melanie Johnson and Amy Swanson for BounceEnglish

Edited by Amy Swanson

Theme Song “Let’s Keep in Touch” by John Swanson (Amy’s big brother!)

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