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Let’s Get Flexible with Target English

February 25, 2021

Recording date: December 9, 2020

Guest: Fi Aish and Jo Tomlinson

Synopsis: In this week’s episode, we talk with the founders of Target English, Fi Aish and Jo Tomlinson. Fi and Jo are experts in creating materials and tests for English Language Training and IELTS exam preparation. We talk with Jo and Fi about the transition from teaching to starting their own business and some lessons they have learned as language material and assessment consultants. We discuss the future of English Language assessments and testing in the “new normal” of online teaching. We also chat about the impact of Covid-19 and (gasp!) its positive impact in their day to day work life.


Produced by Melanie Johnson and Amy Swanson for BounceEnglish

Edited by Amy Swanson

Theme Song “Let’s Keep in Touched” by John Swanson (Amy’s big brother!)

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