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Make Making It Your Intention with Liliana Arrias Orrego

March 11, 2021

Recording date: January 7, 2021

Guest: Liliana Arrias Orrego, Medellin, Colombia

Synopsis: This week we talk with Liliana Arrias Orrego, the Children and Youth Program Academic Coordinator at the Colombo Americano school in Medellin, Colombia. This was such a joyful conversation with Lili, who brings some new perspectives about English Language teaching as English is her second language. She discusses some of her life lessons as a mother and teacher, the power of the teacher and struggles parents have had with online learning. We also discuss the pressure of learning English for non-native speakers, how important motivation is to learning, and the importance of making virtual learning meaningful for all students, no matter what their age.

Produced by Melanie Johnson and Amy Swanson for BounceEnglish

Edited by Amy Swanson

Theme Song “Let’s Keep in Touch” by John Swanson (Amy’s big brother!)

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