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Our First Episode and Interview with Anne Crutchfield

January 7, 2021

Recording date: December 2, 2020

Guest:  Anne Crutchfield, Los Angeles

Synopsis: In this episode, we talk with Dr. Anne Cruchfield about her experiences starting her own English Language Teaching business based in Los Angeles. We discuss entrepreneurship in this English Language industry, the transition to teaching English online and her thoughts on the future of English Language Teaching in a post-Covid world. Oh - and how Anne is living her dream by taking the leap to start her own business! 

Episode correction: the name of Anne’s business is LA English Tutor.


Produced by Melanie Johnson and Amy Swanson for BounceEnglish

Edited by Amy Swanson

Theme Song “Let’s Keep in Touch” by John Swanson (Amy’s big brother!)


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