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The Past is Just a Goodbye with Jeffrey Miller

April 8, 2021

Recording date: February 22, 2021

Guest: Jeffrey Miller, Seoul

Synopsis: We have a two part episode with guest Jeffrey Miller, who has been living and teaching English in South Korea for almost 30 years. In part 1, we hear about what led Jeffrey to teaching English and brought him to Seoul. We discuss the many ways in which the culture of English teaching has evolved, from the “cowboy” days of the 1990s to the industry of today. In part 2 of the interview, Amy and Jeffrey discuss the impact that the pandemic has had on his children and students. We discuss how the ESL market in South Korea has changed over the years, from the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 to market saturation of the 2000s to today. And, Jeffrey is an author! Check out the link to his book below. He’s currently working on his memoirs of teaching English in South Korea.


The Day the Earth Swallowed Louis Available at Amazon

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