Talk to Us @BounceEnglish

Where Do We Go From Here with Melanie and Amy

May 2, 2021

Recording date: April 25, 2021

Guest: Melanie Johnson, Los Angeles and Amy Swanson, Chicago

Synopsis: Oh boy! What a season! We decided to wrap up our first season of Talk to Us @BounceEnglish with another two part episode. In Part 2, we reflect on the amazing discussions we had during season 1. We talk about what surprised us, cool things we learned and discuss some of Melanie’s techniques for teaching online. We discuss equity in ELT and get candid about salaries and compensation, career paths, and why being “replaceable” can sometimes be a good thing. We chat a bit more about Covid-19 and what’s next for BounceEnglish and for Season 2 of Talk to Us @BounceEnglish. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next season! 

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